One of the really great hobbies is building and operating RC Scale Models. I guess it started around 1998 and never left my interest since then.
My interest goes out to Navy vessels, cars and everything that flies. After some initial car adventures back in the glowengine era I moved to the scale modeling.

My first project was a beautiful vessel of the Danish navy: Flyvefisken (Flying Fish) . The vessel is a Standard-Flex 300 type that has some unique options. The vessels role (attack, patrol, mine-laying/sweeping) can be altered within 24 hours.
The second ship I did build is Cousteau’s Calypso , I’ve been working on it for two years and it turned out beautiful.
Offshore powerboats finished the chapter although I occasionally take both scale boats to the local pond.

Now my interest is extended towards planes, I did start flying with a trainer, the Kyosho Trainer 40, followed by a awesome 3D model; the Kyosho Flip-3D.
After a piper cub J3 and a VMAR RV-4 I left the gas planes and moved into the electric plane scene.
Planes I fly as much as I can, even the FPV types (First Pilot View), added a couple of heli’s and now at the time of this writing (2013) the multirotors bring three capabilities together: electronics, software development and flying.