Sustainable living might be defined as a lifestyle that could, hypothetically, be sustained without exhausting any natural resources. The term can be applied to individuals or societies. Its adherents most often hold true sustainability as a goal or guide, and make lifestyle tradeoffs favoring sustainability where practical.

Although we try to avoid using to much electricity, our house uses a heatpump that uses of our annual usage. Usage is reduced by installing LED lighting and a low usage lifestyle. Not always possible with two children of course.

In 2008 we installed 1400 (8 x 175) Wp solar panels and summer 2009 an extra 2100 (12 x 175) Wp was added for a total of 3500Wp. That produces around 60% of our annual usage.

Update 2010: Change of 6 panels for larger capacity and another installation of 6 panels. A total of 5480Wp is now installed good for 85% for our annual usage.

Update 2013: Added another 12 panels, now 38 in total and will provide for around 105% our annual usage.

Huis_1 panelen_2009 panelen_2010
Panels 2008 Panels 2009 Panels 2010